Five women with an inspiring success story in business

In celebration of International Women’s Day we crossed Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda to find female entrepreneurs with a remarkable story. Despite their success, women still face high barriers to enter into business and become financially independent in Eastern Africa. Social norms, lack of appropriate financial services, an adverse regulatory environment and family responsibilities offer only a glimpse on the challenges these women overcame. In an ongoing effort, Sparkassenstiftung strives to pave the road to equality and empower women across the region.

We hope the following women and their stories inspire you to join our mission: 

Clair Nankya from Uganda 

Next to her duties as a grandmother, Clair Nankya successfully runs a polybag branding business for corn farmers. The Micro Business Game equipped Clair with valuable knowledge and skills to manage her business finances and bridge her income gap in the seasonal farming market. The business allows Clair to earn her keep and pay for the tuition fees of her two grandchildren.

Fatuma Besta Katula from Tanzania

Participation in the Micro Business Game proved to be a game changer for Fatuma Besta Katula’s sardine business. With sound financial management, Fatima expanded her growing venture and co-founded FISHNET. The assoication unites African women to share knowledge and empower others. Together they are working on bringing their tasty sardines to Europe

Mercy Adero from Kenya from Kenya

Sparkassenstiftung has made it possible for me to pursue my dream of transforming lives by championing financial literacy programs for school, youth, women and MSMEs as well as building the capacity of SACCOs and MFIs to improve service delivery to clients.

Bernadette Nzokira from Burundi 

Despite her disability, Bernadette Nzokira runs a popular tailor shop in Burundi. Although her clothes were always sold out, she could not afford the rent of her workplace. The Micro Business Game helped her to master her business finances and today she is able to receive loans to strengthen and expand her business.

Josiane Uwizera from Rwanda

The loan program for female entrepreneurs of our partner AMIR helps women like Josiane Uwizera prosper - by expanding her vegetable farm, she is able to provide for her family. For women in Rwanda, receiving a loan is difficult as men are usually in charge of family finances. Josiane is the perfect example for women succeeding in business when given access to suitable financial products and education.


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