Improving the access of savings groups to microcredit to finance the "Akasuga" agro-ecological latrines in Burundi. 

Within the framework of the project for the integration of microfinance aspect in behavioral change activities in hygiene and basic sanitation, the project ‟Améliorer l’accès des groupes d’épargne au microcrédit pour le financement des latrines agro-écologiques ‹Akasuga› au Burundi” facilitated access to micro-credits for members of savings groups for the construction of the Akasuga agro ecological latrines in their households. Akasuga comes from the Kirundi phrase- Akasuga (Akazu ka surwumwe gatanga amase) which means a toilet which generates fertilizer. Akasuga agro-ecological latrines contribute to an improved health and wellbeing of Burundian citizens (SDG3). 

In July 2019, the project started in three provinces of Burundi. In collaboration with GIZ, Sparkassenstiftung has raised awareness and conducted trainings on the importance of savings to access microcredits for the latrine construction Akasuga. Members of the savings groups that were trained opened accounts and applied for the Akasuga microcredits. Additionally, MFIs and local authorities were involved through advice and awareness raising. 

This project was part of the green finance core topics of Sparkassenstiftung and it came to an end in October 2020. It focused on investments in agricultural and household equipment to improve hygiene and sanitation. Moreover, the project contributed to the protection of environment and farmland through the production of organic manure and fertilizer which increases yields of agricultural products. 

Sparkassenstiftung supported microfinance institutions in the development of an agricultural credit product and accompanied the VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Associations) in the credit application process. 

This project was sponsored by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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