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Our very own podcast covering the current state, developments, challenges and issues of financial inclusion in our project countries. Tune in and enjoy our insights.

Green Finance and Sustainability

"What is Green Finance and what opportunities does it offer to the microfinance sector in developing countries?" Listen to the episode with Laura Scialo, Project Manager of Knowledge Management at our headquarter . #SustainabilityDecember2020

World Savings Day 2020 in Kenya

Our Country Director in Kenya , Mr. Tonny Otieno was hosted by Ghetto Radio Kenya on a live interview session to mark World Savings Day 2020, celebrated on 31st October globally. He talked about the importance of savings and how German Sparkassenstiftung is promoting savings culture in Kenya.

Lessons from the pandemic for the SACCO sector

Mr. George Ombado (CEO @ACCOSCA) gives an African perspective to the impact of COVID-19 on Cooperative, Savings and Credit Associations and their members.

Facilitating a Sustainable Development of Eastern Africa's Microfinance Sector

"Key is that Microfinance is always combined with financial education." Listen to the episode with our Regional Coordinator Britta Konitzer and learn about our broad spectrum of activities and contributions to a sustainable development of the Microfinance sector.

Tugire umuco wo kwizigamira

Find out what cultural ideals need to be addressed after the pandemic to build a sustainable economy in Rwanda in our special Kinyarwanda episode with Robert Uwayo (CEO @Gihondohondo SACCO).

Group lending: A burden in times of the pandemic?

In this episode Winnie Terry (CEO @ TAMFI) portrays the impact of the pandemic on the Microfinance sector in Tanzania and its long-term consequences for the economic development of the country.

MFIs in Uganda face non-paying clients due to crisis

In this episode Michael Kasibante (CEO @ Adanced Smart Microfinance) explains the drastic effects of the pandemic on MFIs and gives an outlook on how it will shape the future of business in Uganda.


Pandemic: Stress test for Kenya's Microfinance sector

In this episode we talk to Caroline Karanja (CEO of AMFI Kenya) on the impact of COVID-19 on the Microfinance sector in Kenya, government interventions, measures for MFIs and AMFI's way forward out of the crisis.


In our efforts to spread financial education across East Africa we have produced a radio drama which takes place in Arua, Uganda.

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