Coaching for the big MFI’s

Tailored training of staff

Activity Background

Many Big Micro Finance Institutions used to hire external Consultants to come and internally train their staff members in specific areas deemed important by the Institutions. However, such short-term missions of consultants normally left behind short-lived results in the Micro finance Institutions as Consultants would go back with their skills and experiences. Another way Micro Institutions used to develop capacities of their staffs was sponsoring some of them to attend some external trainings to acquire certain skills. Unfortunately, many of them would leave their organizations after the training thus acquired skills did not benefit much other team members or the institutions itself.

It’s against this background that Association of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda (AMIR) and German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa (DSIK) introduced a new Capacity development intervention in 2016 known as “Coaching for the Big MFIs” as a way of making sure that technical skills grow and maintained  in the  Institutions. Through this intervention, experienced and skilled staff members are trained in Coaching methodology to support fellow team members improve individual performance through professional Conversations known as Coaching sessions.

Objectives of coaching for the big MFI’s

The overarching objective is to enhance the Capacity development of staff members of enrolled MFIs through the provision of support and guidance in line with their jobs.  In furtherance, the respective objectives of the coaching for the Big MFIs are outlined below:

  1. To support Staff members of MFIs to improve their performance. This will eventually contribute to the growth and sustainability of the MFIs.
  2. To enhance better relationship and communication between higher ranks (e.g. managers, supervisors etc.) and lower ranks (e.g. junior staff members)


Coaching Implementation in Rwanda is being carried out by the Human Resource and Branch Managers of the Big MFI’s who are responsible for coaching all the staff members under their supervision on the quarterly basis. German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa (DSIK) hired external consultant Coach to conduct the training of Coaches. These included the selected HR and Branch Managers from the big MFI’s, who are trained in coaching approaches and methodology.  After the training, the Managers came up with Annual Coaching Action plans which are combined into Institutional Action plan and later shared with AMIR and DSIK.  The trained staff (Coaches) are further supported with developed Coaching Video’s to make sure they master this methodology. During Implementation, Coaching refresher workshops are organized to allow coaches share their experiences. Lastly, Coaching intervention is evaluated after two years to assess its impact among the Micro finance Institutions implementing it.

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